Best Chainsaw Sharpener in 2017 Reviews

Chainsaw sharpeners are important accessories to ensure proper chainsaw operation and maintenance. It can be used for all kinds of chainsaw. Blunt chainsaw blades can be dangerous. A sharp blade will not only make sawing more efficient and easier, but also reduce wear and lengthen the life of the chainsaw.


If your chainsaw can no longer cut in a straight line or cutting leads to saw dust, you need to sharpen the chain. You can take the chainsaw to a shop to have it sharpened by a professional. If you want to do it on your own, you can just get a chainsaw sharpener and save money.

Things to Consider

Chainsaw blades have cutters that are equal to the teeth that cut the materials, while the rakers control the depth. These are important components that make the cutting process smooth and consistent. The rakers have to be filed once in a while, but the cutters require regular maintenance. Sharpening a chainsaw can be done manually using a round hand file.

Type of Sharpener

There are three types of chainsaw sharpeners – electric, bench mounted and hand held round file sharpener.

  • Electric – An electric chain sharpener need to be plugged in a power outlet for them to work. You need to clamp the chain between the guide bars to get the precise sharpening angle. It’s the most efficient and fastest sharpening method.
  • Bench-mounted – A bench-mounted sharpener can be set to the filing angle and specifications. It’s faster and more efficient than the hand file sharpener. A sturdy bench is needed for mounting.
  • Handheld – A handheld sharpener has a round file of different diameters. It requires precise control and more time than other types of sharpener.

Sharpening Angle

The chain should be sharpened to the right angles. Different factors like the chain pitch, teeth design, gauge and length determine the sharpening angle. Bench-mounted, electric and handheld chain sharpener guides should state the chain they’re suitable for.


The care and maintenance of sharpeners differ from one model to another. The manufacturer usually gives an instructional guideline to help you maintain the chainsaw sharpener. If you often use your chainsaw, maintenance is very important. You can search the web for proper care and maintenance of your chainsaw sharpener.

Best Chainsaw Sharpener Reviews

There are a lot of chainsaw sharpeners today, but not all of them are the same. Here are some of the best chainsaw sharpeners today.​

1. Timberline Sharpener with 3/16" Carbide Cutter

The Timberline Chainsaw Sharpener comes with a 3/16" carbide cutter. It can sharpen every tooth within seconds to an identical angle and length. The high-grade tungsten carbide cutter allows you to turn the handle manually.

Timberline Sharpener with 3/16" Carbide Cutter

This chainsaw sharpener can remove a small amount of material from every tooth, which extends the life of the chain. It is also portable, so you can bring it anywhere and anywhere.

Many users say that this chainsaw sharpener can finish any job well without spending a lot of time. Its reference point is the back of the tooth, so it can remove only the slightest amount of material or shortest available length.

The Timberline Chainsaw Sharpener allows you to sharpen your chainsaw faster than a handheld sharpener. It is also very durable, so you are assured that it will last for a long time.

2. Oregon 30846 Chainsaw Sharpener

The Oregon 30846 is a 12-volt sharpener that is very easy to use. It can work from a 12-volt battery or via a power converter, making it ideal for on-the-job or in-field sharpening jobs.

Oregon 30846 Chainsaw Sharpener

This chainsaw sharpener has 2 sharpening stones and comes with a quick-adjust sharpening guide to help you guarantee uniformly ground cutters. It also has a high-impact motor housing and internal depth gauge, so the device will stay cool during use.

This chainsaw sharpener is very easy to use, making it ideal for those who love DIY projects and homeowners. Many customers say that the Oregon 30846 is efficient and fast as it doesn’t require a lot of effort. As such, it doesn’t cause a lot of fatigue and pain. It is also durable and portable.

3. Buffalo Tools ECSS

The Buffalo Tools ECSS is an electric chainsaw sharpener that you can use at home or in your workplace. It’s easy to use and can be mounted to the wall or bench.

Buffalo Tools ECSS

This chainsaw sharpener has a 4-1/4" by 1/8" grinding wheel that can spin at 4200 RPM, allowing you to sharpen each tooth efficiently. You only need to plug it in a 120-volt outlet and you can use it right away.

The Buffalo Tools ECSS can be used anywhere. As long as there’s a power outlet, you can use this chainsaw sharpener. This chainsaw sharpener is perfect for those who don’t want to spend lots of money on a chain sharpener, but still want to get a good device.

It may not be the most durable sharpener, but it’s worth the money as long as you properly maintain it. This chainsaw sharpener can help you save money as it keeps the chainsaw in great condition.

4. Oregon 511AX

The Oregon 511AX allows for identical grind angles even without adjusting it. This chainsaw sharpener has three wheels and new adjustment features for more accurate grinds as the wheels deteriorate.

Oregon 511AX

It’s a single-direction grinder that is also known as Oregon’s most versatile grinder. This chainsaw sharpener has a self-centering vise that leads to equal grind angles.

Most first-time users, however, find it hard to assemble the chainsaw sharpener. On the other hand, the Oregon 511AX is made of high-grade materials so it’s durable and expected to last for a long time. Casual chainsaw users can depend on this chainsaw sharpener.

It is expensive, but the price is worth it. The chainsaw sharpener also has powerful motor as well as user-friendly controls. It has high quality safety features and is lightweight, so you can bring it with ease. The chainsaw sharpener’s template allows for depth gauge setting, pitch and wheel contour.

5. Oregon 510A Bench Chain Grinder

Oregon 510A Bench Chain Grinder

The Oregon 510A Bench Chain Grinder allows you to have impeccably sharpened chains, so you can use a properly working piece of equipment every time you saw wood. This allows you to save time and effort as well as reduce the risk of danger.

The Oregon 510A Bench Chain Grinder has a dressing brick, depth gauge template and 2 grinding wheels, allowing you to properly set the angle and depth for the chain. The T shaped cooling fans also keep the chain sharpener from overheating.

The Oregon 510A Bench Chain Grinder has carefully designed knobs and handles, so they are easy to grasp and use.

6. Granberg G-106B

The Granberg G-106B is a bar-mount sharpener. It was designed by File-N-Joint founder Elof Granberg. The Granberg brand is popular for the accuracy and durability of its products.

Aside from offering premium sharpening for the main saw chain pitches, the Granberg G-106B also allows you to accurately match the chain manufacturer’s angles. You can attach the chain sharpener to the guide bar in just a few seconds, so you can work conveniently and quickly.

Granberg G-106B

The Granberg G-106B also allows you to lower the depth gauge precisely. The file, however, isn’t included in the kit. This is because the size of file is determined through your chain’s pitch and gauge. Many users mention in their reviews that the Granberg G-106B is a sturdy chain sharpener.

It has an all-metal construction, so you are assured that it is durable. Compared to other chain sharpeners with non-readable dials, thin wall construction and plastic filing frame, the Granberg G-106B has thick sidewalls easy-to-read dials.

This chain sharpener has caught the attention of many customers. Some even say that it’s the ultimate solution for chains used on handheld chainsaws.

7. Oregon 410 – 120 Wall or Bench Mounted Saw Chain Grinder

The Oregon 410 – 120 has a grinding template, 3 grinding wheels and dressing brick. You can use this chainsaw sharpener to sharpen 3/8" or ¼" chains. It can also be used to sharpen .404" or .325"chains.

Oregon 410 – 120 Wall or Bench Mounted Saw Chain Grinder

The Oregon 410 – 120 can be wall or bench mounted. Its built in light can be used to improve visibility. This chainsaw sharpener has down angle settings and top plate settings.

It has a wheel wear indicator as well, allowing you to know when you have to change the grinding wheels.

You can easily attach the chainsaw sharpener to a work table, to the wall or to a work bench, depending on how much space is available in your workshop. What you will love about the Oregon 410 – 120 is the power and versatility of this chainsaw sharpener.

8. STIHL 2-in-1 Easy File Chainsaw Chain Sharpener .325"

The STIHL 2-in-1 Easy File Chainsaw Chain Sharpener can sharpen the teeth on a .325-inch chain. With this handy chainsaw sharpener, you can use the file around 15 times before you need to change them. This chainsaw sharpener will work on almost chains measuring .325", regardless of the brand of saw you are placing.

STIHL 2-in-1 Easy File Chainsaw Chain Sharpener .325"

The STIHL 2-in-1 Easy File Chainsaw Chain Sharpener features 2 guide bars and angled handles, which allows you to sharpen every tooth of the chain at the right angle.

It is also easy to carry as it is lightweight, so you can use the chain sharpener anytime you need it. When the chainsaw becomes hard to use, you can get this sharpener to sharpen every chain tooth, so it can cut properly without any problem.

9. Husqvarna 653000035 Sharpener

The Husqvarna 653000035 is a handheld sharpener that can sharpen a chainsaw’s cutting teeth and file depth gauges. It is very portable, so you can bring it anywhere.

Husqvarna 653000035 Sharpener

With the Husqvarna 653000035, you can keep your chainsaw working properly. Whether you are at home or in the woods, you can sharpen the chainsaw. The Husqvarna 653000035 is one of the best chainsaw sharpeners today.

You can use the files about 15 times before you have to change them. This allows you to save a lot of money as you can sharpen your chain on your own. You don’t need to bring the chainsaw to the shop and pay the professional for sharpening it.

10. Oregon 520-120 Bench Saw Grinder

Oregon 520-120 Bench Saw Grinder

The Oregon 520-120 Bench Saw Grinder can sharpen 3/8" low profile, ¼", 3/8" full profile, .404" pitch and .325" chains. The chain vise of this chainsaw sharpener has a self-centering feature, so you won’t have a lot of trouble keeping the chain correctly placed for sharpening.

The down angle settings and top plate settings allow you to get professional results from the Oregon 520-120 Bench Saw Grinder. It also has a built in light that lets you see the chain even in low light conditions as well as determine the right angle a lot easier.

Final Verdict

There are many things to consider when buying a chainsaw sharpener like the cost as well as how often you are planning to use it. Electric chainsaw sharpeners are the fastest option, making it ideal for those who often need to regularly sharpen their chain. These chainsaw sharpeners are the most expensive option as well.

Handheld files are ideal for frequent and infrequent users. Bench mounted chainsaw sharpeners are easier to control as they have features that allow the chain to be secured while it’s sharpened. It is also faster than handheld chainsaw sharpeners.

When buying a chainsaw sharpener, you need to ensure that it’s compatible with the chainsaw you’re using. While sharpeners are compatible with various chainsaws, it’s always a good idea to check its compatibility with your chainsaw. Check customer feedback and seller ratings to get an idea about the sharpener’s performance.​

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