Best Random Orbital Sander in 2017

The best random orbital sander is a crucial tool for finish furniture and in other wood projects. Using the best, superior orbital sander enables for your wood projects to end up without ugly sanding marks.

Whether you are a professional or hobbyist, serious woodworkers have the handy tool that orbital sander is. If you are in the market for the best random orbital sander, read on and you can find your choice of orbital sander that suit you best.


Things to Consider

Sheet Sanders vs. Random Orbital Sander

There are two versions of orbital sander for you to choose from – sheet sanders and random orbital sander. Sheet sander uses sandpaper shaped either square or rectangular for smoothening woodwork. Additionally, it features variable speed controls, dust protection and grip variations.

​On the other hand, random orbital sander can work in just about any material or surface. When dealing with wooden surfaces, it can use small circular patterns or elliptical patterns. It also has variable speeds, variable grip styles, dust sealing features and 100% ball-bearing structure.

Choose between 3 general styles of random orbital sanders

The three general styles include palm-grip, right angle and large in-line. Palm-grip is the simplest orbital sander requiring just minimum effort. The right angle is ideal for when you need extra power for your work. The large in-line sander is usually for large sanding projects needing variable speeds at specific points.

Variable Speed Settings

Variable speed settings allows for you to control the sanding process, to control how fast or slow the sander orbits. If you are using the orbital sander for various applications, the variable speed settings are important to give you a great level of versatility.

On-Board Dust Collection

Most orbital sanders nowadays feature on-board dust collection mechanism. This is a feature that lets you save a lot of time for when cleaning your machine. With this, dust is easily collected through suction holes built right into the sanding pad. While you are working, there’s no need to worry about keeping the tool clean.

Top 10 Random Orbital Sanders

1. DEWALT D26453K Random Orbit Sander

DEWALT D26453K Random Orbit Sander

With the numerous amazing features of DEWALT D26453K random orbit sander, it isn’t surprising how it is considered the best random orbital sander in the market.

Manufactured in Mexico, it comes with 3.0 Amp electronic motor. It can operate from 7000 to 12000 opm at the same time providing perfectly smooth finish when you’re done with amazingly perfect sanding process.



  • Variable speed control
  • Adjustable front handle
  • Random orbit action
  • Dust collection system
  • Pad control system
  • Huge sealed-ball bearing construction
  • Rubberized palm grip and handle
  • Quick change 5-inch and 8-hole hook-and-loop sanding paper
  • Huge sealed-ball bearing construction
  • Double insulation
  • Few flaws such as the dust collection
  • Users complain it’s not as effective as expected


Many users are satisfied with its performance but there are others whose expectations are not met. The tool isn’t as efficient as you would have expected with the dust collection feature being more effective when connected to a vacuum.

2. Black & Decker BDERO100 Random Orbit Sander

Black & Decker BDERO100 Random Orbit Sander

When it comes to the best random orbital sanders, Black & Decker BDERO100 is never failed to be mentioned. This random orbit sander is known for its amazing features including high rate of sawdust removal, hook & loop system, dust sealing switch and more. With its incredible features, it’s easy to keep out the debris and dust from the machine.



  • Compact and lightweight
  • Premium maneuverability
  • Ergonomic and versatile design
  • Value priced
  • Handle can be too big for users with smaller hands
  • Not designed for heavy-duty applications


This tool is ideal for varied users as it works perfectly well for different skill levels. While small in size, it is durable and powerful although it’s not highly ideal for heavy duty use. Still, it is one of the best compact random orbital sanders you can find in the market.

3. PORTER-CABLE 7424XP 6-Inch Polisher

PORTER-CABLE 7424XP 6-Inch Polisher

This random orbital sander features an electronic variable speed dial that ranges from 2500 to 6800 opm among its functionalities. Along with that, it takes pride in its proprietary counter balance which uses 6-inches polishing pad. 7424XP is one of many homeowners’ favorite random orbital sanders for being great choice when it comes to sanding and polishing of marine and automotive projects.



  • Removable side handle
  • Accepts spindle thread accessories
  • 4.5 amp motor
  • High overload protection
  • Compact equipment at 5 1/2 lbs
  • Electronic variable speed dial
  • Full ball and roller bearing structure
  • Suitable for the toughest jobs
  • Doesn’t have hook and loop backing plate
  • Several users complain the polishing pads easily fall apart


This random orbital sander is a reliable piece of tool. It operates with minimal vibration and can be used for applying wax and more. However, using it still takes some getting used to.

Using the tool is relatively quiet and that makes it very comfortable to use in variety of environments. With all these advantages, it surely is one of the best random orbital sanders you can find in the market.

4. Bosch ROS20VSK Variable Speed Random Orbital Sander

Bosch ROS20VSK Variable Speed Random Orbital Sander

This random orbital sander comes is notable for its quite large twist-off dust canister. This dust canister is both durable and compact. What has got homeowners to notice this orbital sander is the number of amazing features it comes with.

This tool is easily detachable from the main equipment, comes with microfilter system which optimally filters off even the finest particles and dust. These are only a few of the advanced features that makes using Bosch ROS20VSK one of the best.



  • Reliable despite compactness
  • Performs wide variety of applications
  • Provides smooth startup
  • Easy to control with low variation
  • Vigorous substance removal
  • Results in even and smooth polish
  • Ergonomically designed
  • Customer claims sanding bag has poor retention
  • Hook and loop disc is a bit problematic
  • Not enough for low grit application


Bosch ROS20VSK is a compact random orbital sander that’s perfect for a number of applications. It has great features but its operation and maneuvering needs a bit of getting used to. The design of the tool makes it reliable when it comes to comfort, light weight, secure grip and convenience. In that sense, it surely is one of the best random orbital sanders for you.

5. Makita BO5041K Random Orbit Sander Kit

Makita BO5041K Random Orbit Sander Kit

Makita 5-inch random orbit sander operates with 3.0 amp motor and that makes up for its fast and smooth operation. It also features variable speed dial with larger range of operation from 4000 to 12000 opm.

These, along with all other amazing features such as ergonomic rubberized palm grip and handle, two finger switch, lock-on button functions and more, that makes up for quality and smooth sanding of the task at hand.



  • Great overall performance
  • Convenient, comfortable and easy to control
  • Amazing functionality
  • Provides sufficient power to perform without encountering any problem
  • Even sanding pressure for an evenly sanded surface
  • Not as efficient as expected according to some users
  • Some users are dissatisfied with dust collection feature


Makita BO5041K is a fine, compact tool that enables fast sanding although there’s a need for some practice especially with beginners. It’s a great tool being real convenient, performs well and manageable. At the same time, there isn’t any annoying noise and that makes it worth it for your money.

6. PORTER-CABLE 382 Random Orbit Sander

PORTER-CABLE 382 Random Orbit Sander

Another of the best random orbit sander you can find is the Porter-Cable 385 5” random orbit sander. This random orbit sander comes with maximum speed, controlled finishing system, sealed 100% ball bearing structure, dust sealed switch and more.

All these features contribute to the perfectly smooth results and the finest finish that that you can expect from your sanding task.



  • Compact and light weight
  • Excellent performance, especially at higher grits
  • Excellent dust collection system
  • Ergonomic design for secure and comfortable grip
  • Sturdy power cord that doesn’t easily bend
  • Counterbalanced system that enables low vibration
  • Smooth, consistent finish
  • Only has single speed setting
  • Can be underpowered when it comes to heavy sanding
  • Dust switch protection makes it somewhat mushy to touch


Despite a number of inadequacies that this random orbit sander comes with, it is still one of the most reliable tools you can find. The advantages of the tool greatly outweigh the disadvantages. For someone who has experience in sanding and woodworking, it surely is a great tool to use.

7. Black & Decker BDEQS300 ¼- Sheet Orbital Sander

Black & Decker BDEQS300 ¼- Sheet Orbital Sander

Operating at 2.0 amp motor, this orbital sander makes roughly 1, 600 orbits. It’s a bit slower than other orbital sanders but makes it an excellent fit for light do-it-yourself tasks. It features lightweight style thus consuming very little space.

With that as well, it is capable of sanding hard to achieve surfaces including below racks. Some of its amazing features include tri-layer purification for dirt collection, rugged casing, paddle initial change for on and off, etc.



  • Lightweight, compact style
  • Ergonomic design
  • Does the job quickly and effectively
  • Very easy to use
  • Ideal for occasional DIY projects
  • Some users complain of its durability
  • Not as powerful as other sanders


Compared to other Black & Decker tools, this isn’t as powerful or full features. This tool isn’t built for heavy duty as well, but it is more than reliable for simple do-it-yourself projects. Customers have some dissatisfaction with this tool, but overall, it comes highly recommended.

8. Makita BO5031K Random Orbit Sander Kit

Makita BO50331K Random Orbit Sander Kit

This random orbit sander kit from Makita features 3.0 amp motor, is sleek and quick and presets varying rate change from 4000 to 12 000 opm.

With these features, user is able to easily coordinate the rate of sanding to their work at hand. Apart these, Makita BO50331K has features including large 1/8” unique orbit action, pad control system, highly efficient dirt selection system, dust sealed change and quick-change 5” hook and loop rough paper.



  • Features smooth and rapid sanding
  • Easy coordination of the speed to the application
  • More relaxed control of the device
  • Completely flexible front side handle for sanding difficult areas
  • Comes with different speed settings
  • Very easy to use
  • Cordless
  • Not as high quality as other orbit sander


This random orbit sander isn’t as full of features as others. But still, it comes with just the right features for a reliable tool. It’s flexible and very easy to use and capable of providing smooth and quick sanding. Compared to its disadvantages, you will find it is more than good enough for simple woodworking projects.

9. Porter-Cable 7346SP Random Orbit Sander with Polishing Pad

Porter-Cable 7346SP Random Orbit Sander with Polishing Pad

This random orbit sander from Porter-Cable is ideal for a large number of sanding and woodworking tasks. It comes with variable speed switch from 22500 to 6800 opm, is light, portable and compact for everyday use.

Through the detachable, 2-position part handle, it’s able to provide relaxed control. The tool can be used for automobile sanding and even underwater tasks that makes it one of the best random orbit sanders.



  • Light, portable and compact style
  • More relaxed control
  • 4.5 amp motor and unique orbit
  • 6-inch improving pad
  • 6 lbs sanding disk
  • Provides swirl-free sanding activity
  • Some customers complain that it doesn’t last very long


Compared to other random orbital sanders, it isn’t as durable or heavy duty. If you often use your orbital sander, this product might not be your first choice. But if you are a thrifty hobbyist, this could be the right choice for you. It has just the necessary features you need for excellent results and it’s not as expensive as well.

10. VonHaus 3.5 Amp 5” Random Orbit Sander

VonHaus 3.5 Amp 5” Random Orbit Sander

VonHaus’s random orbit sander is powerful with lock on switch as well as variable speed dial that can be adjusted from 6000 to 113000 rpm.

It features extra large 5 inch sanding surface that has 8-hole hook and loop backed base pad. Its design is lightweight and compact with ergonomic soft grip handle as well as adjustable front handle. Additionally, it includes 9 free sanding pads and 3 free polishing pads.



  • Quick and easy sanding
  • Better than expected in terms of functionality
  • Great variable speed
  • Too heavy for one-hand operation
  • Does not come with hard case


This random orbital sander is not at all as great as the top sanders in this review. However, it cannot be denied that customers still liked this tool as evidenced by the number of positive impacts they have. It is not as superior as others, but is reliable enough for some of your sanding projects.

Final Verdict

No matter which random orbital sander you choose from this list, the important thing is that you know which feature you are looking for excellent results.

On that note, consulting a practical buying guide is a must. With this, you can have the basic knowledge that will allow you to pick the right orbital sander among the many products in the market, each of which offers unique and necessary functionalities.

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